Monday, November 01, 2004

Jonah's got it good

What'ya know? I say something, then Jonah says it...only better.

I guess this is where I was going:

"No, it does seem far more plausible that Bin Laden would want Kerry to win. I'm largely persuaded by the Belmont Club's analysis. Bin Laden is offering a truce. A time out. The sort of "Wait, wait, wait!" you used to plead to your big brother right at the moment the pummeling was to begin. He seems to be saying that if America rejects Bush and accepts Kerry — if we reject the American way and accept, literally, the Swedish way (read the transcript) — then maybe we can all just get along. That, I think, is the plain meaning of the text."

I like agreeing with smart people not on purpose.

Read the whole thing:

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