Friday, October 01, 2004

3 major gaffes

Well this is interesting ...

From Hugh Hewitt

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Rush to judgment

I haven't thought or said this in a while, but Rush has possibly some of the best analysis of Kerry's muckety-muck from last night. He's nailing him to the wall on the substance of what he says, a feat not even The Corner has accomplished yet today. I dare say, Rush is on fi-yah!


Re: Lileks

Finster, Lileks's second comment is a non-starter. There would be no terrorists in Kerry's world, because we would have summits and strong alliances.


This seems about right ...

James Lileks ... my other boyfriend ... goes on a very fine rant, er screed.

I like this:

"... if you think there’s a war against Muslims now, you lack a certain sense of perspective. If tiptoeing around sacred sites and taking special care to pick off the snipers hiding in mosques so as not to disturb the plaster is a war against Islam, you will be looking for new terms when Putin drops a big bag of hammers somewhere someday. Surely the alienated moderates must be asking: the United States could destroy the madmen, completely. Yet they do not. Why?"

and this ...

"Here’s the thing. I’d really like to live in John Kerry’s world. It seems like such a rational, sensible place, where handshakes and signatures have the power to change the face of the planet. If only the terrorists lived there as well."

Read the whole thing!

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Lowry is good

Love this bit from Rich Lowry's article today:

"A recent ad was typical. It slammed Bush for getting us into a quagmire in Iraq, depicting a U.S. soldier slowly sinking into quicksand until he raises his rifle in a surrender-like gesture.

This ad must have been emotionally satisfying to produce, but the over-the-top image of a helpless U.S. soldier was radioactive and provided an opening to the Bush campaign to excoriate Democratic defeatism. Like the Dean candidacy itself, much of the advocacy of anti-Bush Lefties this year has been an expression of purposeless fury. could just as well be called As the brilliant journalist Mark Steyn puts it, 'Rather than making new converts for the party, they seem mainly to have radicalized the existing ones," forcing "a vacuous establishment nominee to genuflect in their direction.'"

Favorite part: "This ad must have been emotionally satisfying to produce, but..."

So true.

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More Debate Nuance

Conventional wisdom was that this first debate, on homeland security and foreign policy, was supposed to be Bush's sweet spot, and that this, of the three, was his best chance to shine. True, conservatives will tell you that the reason we love Bush is because of his foreign policy, and that our foreign policy is probably the world's most important issue at present.

However, it is also, for better or worse, where Bush is most vulnerable. It's easy to take the MSM's accounts of Iraq and paint a dismal picture replete with beheadings and car bombs. We still don't have OBL. North Korea and Iran ARE working to acquire working nuclear bombs. There's a lot of ammunition there, from the Left's standpoint, making this debate, I think, Bush's main achilles heel. Bush has everything to answer for, while Kerry has nothing to to be accountable for.

Contrast this with the economy. Yes, Kerry will be dealing his "worst jobs President since Hooever" line like a poker deck, but Bush has the preponderance of statistical evidence on his side. The economy (GDP) has expanded every quarter since its brief dip in 2001 — at times, at the fastest pace in 20 years. Employment continues to rise, and the unemployment rate continues to fall. Consumer confidence is strong. The hard data show that we are in an expansion — forget recovery — and Kerry will try to paint this as a recession.

Color me optimistic, but I think Bush only improves from here, largely owed to the fact that Iraq and Osama are now behind us.

Also, Color Me Badd.


Win by not losing

The folks over at The Corner seem to be hitting on something I've kinda felt this morning. Kerry's win was that he didn't lose, and to lose would've been the final nail in his coffin. I mean, he aimed to stop the bleeding, and he might've...momentarily. Had he come across as we'd all expected (arrogant, whiny, gruff, Gore-ish), the wheels would be off the cart, off the road and plummeting to the abyss of the cliff. Game over.

Conversely, Bush wins by not getting overwhelmed and by staying on message � a consistent message � something Kerry cannot claim to have. Since Bush didn't lose, he wins...but same for Kerry. Net result: probably a draw.


Win by not losing

The folks over at The Corner seem to be hitting on something I've kinda felt this morning. Kerry's win was that he didn't lose, and to lose would've been the final nail in his coffin. I mean, he aimed to stop the bleeding, and he might've...momentarily. Had he come across as we'd all expected (arrogant, whiny, gruff, Gore-ish), the wheels would be off the cart, off the road and plummeting to the abyss of the cliff. Game over.

Conversely, Bush wins by not getting overwhelmed and by staying on message — a consistent message — something Kerry cannot claim to have. Since Bush didn't lose, he wins...but same for Kerry. Net result: probably a draw.


Far more important than some measley debate

Oompah Loompah
Originally uploaded by Baby Finster.
People have been clamoring (my inbox is stuffed) to see the pic of Kerry as Oompah Loompah mentioned far below. Here ye be.

Please no more email on this subject.

This appeared originally on NRO.


The Victor

My initial feeling is that Kerry probably fared better last debating. However, I still don't think his message will resonate with voters. Bush's message was better, but probably not delivered as well. Kerry's current "position," that Saddam had to be removed, but not removed when we wanted to, and that we had him contained and that was just peachy, which is not the same as removing, and that we need to build a wider coalition with a bunch of countries that no way no how will send troops to Iraq, and that this coalition was not already asked for help -- begged for help -- before we ever went to war, and that I voted for the authorization of force but didn't want the President to actually USE it, and that inspections were working, if we had just passed ONE MORE resolution but REALLY MEANT IT THIS TIME, and that he would do it all over again in August but not in September.....doesn't seem like it will fly.

...And Bush was strongest when pointing out this absurdity, which he did several times.


Thursday, September 30, 2004

And lest we not forget

What we all need to remember about this election ...

click link, let the memories come back, one by one.

Warning: it is intense.

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Ending in "-hole" or "-ucker"

"I was told... there would BE no math..."

Hat tip Betsyspage

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And then there's this ...

which I link to solely for the title of the post.

Paging Dr. Huxtable?

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Eye on the prize

Good advice for the Prez?

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Stealing the Debate

Something to remember when Kerry "trounces" Bush tonight.

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I shall return!

Ralph Phillips
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I'll be gone most of the day, so blogging responsibilities are left in Finster's capable hands.

Just don't touch the dirty money!


Re: Veruca Salt

Originally uploaded by Baby Finster.
Finster and Ralph Phillips have been surmising, if Kerry wants to be an Oompa Loompa, does that make Theresa Veruca Salt? You decide...


Poll Fault

Ralph, now that my giggling has subsided ...

What you probably got last night was a newbie ... combed fresh off the streets of the Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor* and hurried into action. A seasoned "pollster" would have asked a much more leading question.

"What is the most important issue facing Americans today, another four years of aggression, injustice and puppy pounding with Hitler, er... George Bush? Or electing John Kerry?

Okey dokey.

(*Thanks to FIL for adding Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor to my vernacular.)


Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Re: Take this job...

Well, let's just say the General Accounting Office has released some hard data on outsourcing that Kerry won't be using as talking points during the debate. According to the figgers, Oompa Loompa is all wet on how many jobs we are "losing" to outsourcing and the effect outsourcing is having on investment back home.

An aside: Is it appropriate to start referring to Theresa Heinz Kerry as Veruca Salt or some such?


Was this a poll, or just pew?

Received an interesting phone call last night, from someone or something that showed up as "MI Democratic S" on caller ID.

An abridged recap:

They: We have three simple questions regarding the upcoming presidential election.

Me: Okay, shoot.

They: What are the most important issues facing Americans today?

Me: Terrorism and the economy.

They: Okay, sure. Right, right. ...And who do you plan to vote for in November?

Me: George Bush.

They: Really?! Okey dokey. (CLICK!)

What, was that not the answer they were looking for? And in case you weren't counting, that was only TWO questions...unless "Really?" was their third question. I hope this wasn't a poll, cuz if it was, I'm sure my chad just got hung somewheres.

So there ya have it. I tells 'em the issues and who I think has a better answer to the problems, and they respond in disbelief and with a metaphorical "This conversation is over!" Ain't libs cuddly?


Vic! Yer My Boy!

Oh, where to begin! Victor Davis Hanson starts a 4-parter on Lefty Bush Hating ... its the new "black", ya know?

Needless to say Michael Moore gets a brief mention.

For the uninitiated ... VDH is quite simply the most reasoned, articulate, sober voice on all things war. This surely will not disappoint.

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Re: Take this ...

What's the gyst, pray tell? You know I'm the anti-register'n type.


Take this job and outsource it!

Or don't, according to the GAO:

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Rather Wants Out!

That's the only way to interpret his latest gaffe...using an Internet hoax to support his story on Bush reinstating the draft?

C'mon, Dan...snap out of it. You'd think he'd at least wait until the ink was dry on the forged Killian memos before diving into another free fall.

I say again...sheesh!

You can check out goodies here:

...and here:

...but also check out Powerline's post, here:

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It's the height, stupid

NOW, he's sticking to the issues!

Link via The Corner

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Do they think no one will check?

Is Kerry the worst candidate ever?

From Kerry Spot ...

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The Everlasting Gobstopper

The photo op that keeps on giving.

(click link)

Heh. Thanks NRO.

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Re: Mikey and the draft

UPDATE: Rock the Vote, that non-partisan thingamajig, concurs about Hitler — er, I mean, Bush — drafting all your babies and of-age puppies.

Sheesh! What's with these nutbags?

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Things that sound right, but aren't

"Play it by year."

"Throw kosh into the wind."

"For all in tents, and porpoises."

"Kerry platform."

Must-see video at Link:

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Let's see...where can we bury this good economic news?

U.S. personal incomes rose 1.5 percent in the second quarter of 2004, the fastest pace of growth in more than three years, as income gains sped up in 33 states, the Commerce Department said on Tuesday.

All 50 U.S. states reported increases in personal income, and real earnings for all eight U.S. regions climbed above the level set in the first quarter of 2001, the previous peak in the national business cycle, the government reported.

Nationally, all three components of personal income -- net earnings, property earnings and transfer receipts -- grew.

Hat tip: A reader. (There was one?)

Yeah, like we got readers. Oh yeah, Finster can read.....wippies!

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Hey Mikey, He Hates Everything!

Michael Moore is at U of M Dearborn today claiming that Bush is set to reinstitute the draft.

Man, can't he get anything right?

(View "Link" at bottom of post for the truth detection....)

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As always, read Jonah's column.

Then, wait for the hate mail to fly!

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Moore of the Sane

This movie is out:

Celsius 41.11:

Anyone know what happened to this one?:

"Michael Moore Hates America"

(UPDATE: Yet another --

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We've found our special purpose!

Thanks to the mention on PoliPundit ... we've essentially doubled our hits today! (Yay team!) Thanks to our 3 viewers who have been with us from the start ... and welcome newcomers!

C'mon in, the water's fine. Have a beer, don't cost nuttin'.

I remember when Ralph and I started this site 3 short days ago. "Are we allowed to do this?" was my first question to him. My second was, "If we get anyone to read this without calling us nerds, I'll be happy." And while that wasn't actually a question, it doesn't change the fact that a little luck, some sweat and lots of duct tape will garner you the acclaim and admiration of your wife, your dog and the Hyundai salesman across the street.

I like bunnies.


Ralph you ignorant @$%&!

If we've learned nothing over the past 3 years ... its that Ashcroft and the infernal Patriot Act are eroding the rights, liberties and bogus visas of ALL of our visiting terrorists! (Oh, and lets not forget the detention and harassment of puppy sympathizers!)

We're in a different kind of war, my friend. One that will not be won with a formal ceremony at Chappaquidick Court House ... but I egress.


Yusuf Islam: 'I Am a Victim'

"Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, blasted the United States' system of screening airline passengers for potential terrorists as "indiscriminate" and "unjust" in an editorial in Tuesday's (Sept. 28) Los Angeles Times."

How dare they detain someone who financially backs Hamas and vocally supported the death sentence on Salman Rushdie? The unmitigated gall! There's a fine how-do-you-do!

I dream of a world where the Osamas, Zarqawis and Yusufs of the world can come and go as they please, all in the name of justice. Tell me I'm not a hopeless dreamer, Finster...tell me!

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Clever Use of Slogans

I wish Reuters used the term "biased crap on a stick" somewhere in their slogan...then I could really zing 'em.

Reuters: Unbalanced Third Quarter Win for Fox News

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"Rather" Newsworthy

Anything to keep this dead duck in the news, eh? In other news, Bush denies doing cocaine, partying like a rock star, beating his wife still, and kicking seven newborn poodles for funsies.

Reuters: Bush Disputes Charge of Favorable Treatment in Guard

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The New Phone Books Are Here!!!

We've officially arrived...posted to Polipundit's blog roll this morning.

Vive le Finster!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Part II, in a series...

tax cuts = bush = bad for old, poor, young and cute, helpless puppies not equal to...

kerry = taxes = wealth for all!

..A simple equation brought to you by the good people at the Detroit News.

Continuing with the News' policy of placing editorials on the front page (see post below), the Detroit News extends its effort to "Prop Up Our Dying-On-The-Vine Candidate," as BabyFinster put it.

View link for more Kerry propaganda...

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RE: He was a bad egg

Orange ya glad he didn't say "flip-flop?"


He was a bad egg ...

I like snarky cheap shots as much as the next Oompa Loompa, but this ... ah, who am I kiddin'? That's ah-some!

"Who ever heard of a 'snozberry?'"

: Link

Flip to the Flop

"John Kerry had the courage to say so ..."

That's bootiful.


Flip to the Flop, y'all

How can anyone vote for this guy? How can anyone not vote for this guy?

Funny ad...

: Link


What about all the evidence of the Republicans disenfrachising voters? Or barricading voting sites? WHAT ABOUT THE DEAD PUPPIES, MAN!?! Have you forgotten?


RE: Carter and Polls

You're not saying what I think you're saying ...


Carter and polls

The Corner brings up an important point to remember, which is why I'm posting it again here:

From a WSJ editorial:

"In 24 of the 25 Florida counties with the highest ballot spoilage rate, the county supervisor was a Democrat. In the 25th county, the supervisor was an Independent."


: Link

Iraq the Model

More people should read Iraq the Model, and less should watch World News Tonight. Why is this message (the good news coming out of Iraq) completely and totally and 100% unrepresented in the MSM? I mean, either these people (on the link below) are completely lying, or the MSM is CHOOSING not to show this side of the story. If the latter is true, as I know it is, the next question becomes, why?

View link...

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Monday, September 27, 2004

Great Polipundit Quote

In addition to Polipundit's Bonus Quote of the Day ("Link" below), George Will had a great strategy for Kerry on the debates, as told on This Week with George Snuffleupagus this Sunday.

From memory: Bush should simply concede his time on every topic and give it all to Kerry, explaining, "Everyone in the solar system knows where I stand on Iraq. Let's allow Mr. Kerry to take some time and figure out where he stands."


Polipundit Link:

: Link

re: Signs

Yeah...I'm pretty much on that page too. I'm about as passionate as they come (I think), but I don't see where a sign does much of anything other than to piss off some lefties. (Wait! What am I waiting for?)

I think you all have pretty much nailed it, so I won't belabor...but I hasten to add this:

I saw a "Howard Dean '08" sticker on a car the other day. I kid you not. Is this person for real, delusional, or Howard Dean himself? My guess is they made about ten of those stickers and are still trying to figure out a way to unload eight of them.



re: KJL's and Stanley's posts about conservatives and yard signs/bumper stickers. I agree with what KJL posts most recently about not knowing conservatives who WANT to put signs out. That being said, I've noticed tons of "W" and "Bush/Cheney" stickers and signs around here. I have been surprised at the lack of Lurch/Edwards stickers.

I'm sure enclaves and fever swamps like A-Squared have their share ... but tooling about town, eh [shrug].

(I'd like to point out I'm the first here to use enclaves and fever swamps! Woo hoo!)

: Link

Wrong War, Wrong Time, etc.

Did you happen to see that we nabbed one of the scumballs that beheaded Daniel Pearl? See, we're going it alone, like Kerry says, with no coalition, and not concentrating on the real war on terror.

Yet, Pakistan nabbed this guy for us, in a continuing effort to wipe this refuse out. Would someone please tell Pakistan to cut it out so we can go it alone, and only in Iraq, please?



re: Detroit Liberal News

I believe Sunday was their "Prop Up Our Dying-On-The-Vine Candidate" issue. If I was surprised, I'd link to some instances, but alas ...

Skip the whole thing.


Am I in?

I think I'm in ... can you feel the electwicity?


Detroit Liberal News

Swell! The Detoit News has moved their Op/Ed page to the front page of the newspaper. Easier to find, and easier to see the paper's newfound bias.

Headline this Sunday on the front page: "Working poor suffer under Bush tax cuts."

They failed to mention Bush's puppy-killing policy, but altogether not a bad hatchet job.

Check out the link..

: Link

Yet Another...

Yet another blog joins the blogosphere. Unlike others, this conservative forum will feature musings and exchanges between one Ralph Phillips and one other Baby Finster, two conservatives with a lot to say but no one to say it to. That's where the reader comes in.

Please, come in...