Friday, October 22, 2004

Is this pandering?

Kerry, talking to women…

Courting the women's vote, the Massachusetts senator was introduced by Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, the daughter of President John Kennedy, and the latest in a long line of high profile women -- including Sept. 11 widow Kristen Breitweiser and Dana Reeve, wife of the late actor Christopher Reeve -- who signed on for joint appearances.

"For far too many women, the American dream seems a million miles away because when you've barely got time to sleep, who's got time to dream?"

Kerry scoffed at Bush's repeated assertion in their first debate that the presidency was "hard work."

"Before the president complains about his job, he ought to come here and spend the day with you," he said. "He might learn something about how, day after day, the women of this country juggle so much with such grace and strength."

I think I need a shower.


This is my Kerry

A snippet:

"When this is all over, and George Bush is reelected — Republicans then controlling all branches of federal government, and most of the state legislatures and governorships — then, and only then, will Democrats grasp the march of folly in 2004, and either return to their roots or perish from increasing irrelevance. Meanwhile, George Bush, oblivious to the hysteria, will finish and win this war."

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Another reason to vote

Finster, bring out yer dead...

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59 Deceits of Michael Moore

I've been getting a lot of e-mail from folks asking where they can find the best clearinghouse of facts illustrating Michael Moore's buffoonery. Here's one, but I am sure there are more.

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Chub Moore's Farfromgruven

My union-card-carrying friend recently told me that, "I'd like to go see Michael Moore's movie, but I just can't. That hypocrite seems to always be full of [bovine excrement]."

When pressed, he told me how offended he was at the insincere moral outrage of Moore's preaching in "Roger & Me," which falls on deaf union ears in light of the fact that Moore drives a Volkswagen.

Now, I'm not sure if he's right, but why would this union guy lie? And where did he get this information? I assume it's from one of his other union buddies. I can't vouch for his claim that Moore drives a foreign car, but it seems about right.


Ad nausea

Man, this time of year (quadrennially) gets tedious. If I hear who paid for, or approved of, what message one more time, I think I may puke.

But worse than that is the ubiquitous deluge of polling data. Ugh, already!

Everyday, Reuters, CNN, Gallop, Rasmussen, Zogby, Washington Post, ABC, my friend Pepe, and countless others all come out with a new poll. And they all say that the candidates are within the margin of error of one another. This isn't even taking into account the state-by-state polling data. Does anyone care anymore? Enough with the polls! My mom always used to say, "If you can't say something new and interesting about the polling data in a presidential election, don't say anything at all!" Smart woman.

Although, I did recently see an interesting poll that had Bush up .72 in Delaware.


Soak the rich!

The IRS has released its tax data from 2002. Surprise surprise, the "rich" are paying a greater percentage of their income to the IRS than any other tax bracket! Further, the "rich" -- let's call them the top 50 percent of wage earners in this country -- are paying 96 percent of the total taxes paid! FurtherMORE, just the top 25 percent of wage earners are bearing 84 PERCENT of the nation's tax burden. Meanwhile, income for the wealthiest Americans is down, yet their tax burden is up.

And the Democrats will tell us that our current tax code is unfair. For once, they're right! (Just not the way they think.)

If the Skerry administration is going to tinker with this to make it more "fair" to middle and low-income brackets, will the top 50 percent of wage earners bear 100 percent of the tax burden? Sounds fair to me.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Just when I think I've tired of Instapundit's ambiguity and fence-riding, I get this rather lengthy, but most important post.

As he himself would say, read the whole thing!

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Liberals are cuddly

Funny how I don't remember reading much about this when Chub Moore's hatchet job was out. I seem to recall a timely placed pile of manure in Crawford, Texas, but that's about it.

Contrast that with overt attempts to squelch free speech, such as that retold at the link below, or the DNC threatening to sue the TV stations that aired the Swiftvet ads, or the Sinclair rebellion.

I dare say, Bush took his medicine from Moore...does Kerry have thick enough skin to take his? Can libs get as good as they give?

Cuddly devils.

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re: Froggygate

Scads of great points in that link, Finster. Many of which I've made to folks and friends in the past, and they all look at me like I just said the Sox can beat the Yanks in '04.

But I especially liked this one, which I hadn't thought of before:

"The invasion and occupation of an Islamic state by the U.S., and not a word."

True. I mean, wasn't that the whole problem UBL had with us heathens in the first place, that we were "occupying" Saudi Arabia? Why no fuss over Iraq? Too strange.

This is also interesting:

"Elections held for the first time in Afghan history, and he had nothing to say about it in the lead up."

Again, his purported "silence" is all too convenient.

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UBL Gone-Gate

More on "UBL has assumed cave temperature ..."

Choice cuts ...

" UBL went out running for his life like a coward. He is dead. His remains are turds shat by scavenging animals in the mountains of Afghanistan blown by the wind and stomped on by US troops."


"Because the President knows that making UBL a martyr would serve to further inspire his minions, and he realizes that preventing this from happening is more important than his re-election"

Read the whole shit-kicking thing.

Hat tip Hugh Hewitt.

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I like calling things "-gate." I used to think this was such a tragically overplayed use of an expression. I still do, I guess. But now it's become so comical that, as soon as there is any type of policital controversy, the talking heads hasten to affix the "gate" suffix in any manner acceptable to the expression defining the issue.

Here are few other "gates" from this political season:

"Rathergate," of course

"Swift Boat Vets for Truth, the 527 -gate"

"Swinging-gate" (New Jersey's governor coming out)

"Cheapsgate" (Teresa not paying no taxes on her billions)


"CompactGate" (see below)

"Heaven's Gate" (Bush citing his faith as a source of strength)

"What's that dude picking his nose for? -gate" (This guy I know who really picks his nose a lot)

"Gate to the Lott" (Trent's unfortunately misplaced sentiment for Strom Thurmond)

"Gait Gate" (Sandy "Sticky Fingers" Berger walking funny after he shoved classified documents down his pants)

"Clothes, the Gate" (Kerry's secret fightin' hat, that he took to Cambodia, or didn't....or kinda did...or whatever)

"Opengate" (Kerry trying to out somebody who is already out, all to somehow stick it to Bush...makes sense, doesn't it?)

"Electiongate" (coming soon)

"Ralph Phillips does a stupid post on gates -gate"


Entirely Unmathematical Prediction

I hereby proclaim that Bush will win by 22-25 electoral votes.

I've done no research to support this. I've consulted no speculative electoral vote maps. I've heard no other "expert's" prediction. I haven't even done the work to figure out which state each candidate has, which are leaning which way, or which are undecided.

I just felt like predicting something. Also, the Tigers will win the World Series this year.

So there it is. Bush 280 or so to Kerry's 260 or so, give or take. Further, Bush will win the popular vote 52% - 46%.

Also, the weather will soon turn cold here in Michigan.


Re: Re: Re: Who are these guys?!

Fin, conundrum it be. I suspect these folks are they who are good at both the cutting and the pasting. While short on original thought, they are flush with "pastable" talking points...someone else's. I further suspect that one or two of them may have eaten paste as a child. Lastly, I suspect that among our myriad (10) readers, the few (1) libs who have found us have done so via my frequent posts to the Ashley Simpson message board.



Why John Kerry Shouldn't Be President

Great stuff.

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I still think he's dead

People who know me know that I think Public Enemy #1 is long gone.

This article makes some interesting points to that effect...

(Hat tip: Polipundit)

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Moore lies from Chubby

This sounds like a powerful scene from "FarenHype 911:"

"At this point, Damon looks into the camera as though he is speaking directly to Michael Moore, and says,'You know you’ve lied in making this movie. You know you lied in my case, you know you lied in a whole lot of other cases.'"

You gotta read this:

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Re: Re: Who are these guys?!

Ralph, its just that:

Their facts are so incontrovertible,
Their resolve so immutable,
Their spirit so unaffable,
and heck, their timing is so impeccable,

... that they're taking the fun outta spewing my bile!

I just want to know WHO outta our myriad (read 10) readers it could be.

They're too well-versed to be a conservative in Lib's clothing. They're too civil to be O-Town. I don't really know ANY Libs personally (I prefer to defeat them with my guile and shunning).

Its a conundrum, really.


Re: Who are these guys?!

Not sure, Finster. I think it's one of our two lefty readers, hailing from Leftopia. Me likey, though.

I wonder if Mr. Anonymous, who quoted several Nobel (but not noble) economists in calling Bush's economic policies downright whack, has read this article:

"The latest budget numbers closing out fiscal year 2004 show slower spending growth, stronger tax receipts, and a $413 billion deficit that came in about $100 billion less than the Office of Management and Budget predicted at the start of the year and $64 billion lower than the Congressional Budget Office estimate.

"Overall, according the Treasury Department, tax receipts increased 5.5 percent in fiscal year 2004 compared to a 3.8 percent decline in fiscal year 2003. Income-tax withholdings gained 2.5 percent versus a loss of 2.2 percent in the prior year. Corporate tax collections exploded 43.7 percent on the shoulders of near-record corporate profits.

"What’s going on? It’s clear: At lower marginal tax rates, the rising economy is throwing off a lot more tax revenues. Score one for the supply-siders."

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Who are these guys?!

Butch, Sundance, any ideas?

Just who is Anonymous and why is he making blogging so difficult for us?!

I'm gonna take my pixels and go home.



Not that this video means a dern thing. Simply because I like to giggle at people looking silly (Bushisms, anyone?) ... I offer this nice little summation about the latest on The Breck Girl from my new superhero Lileks-Man:

"It’s like Captain Kirk whipping out his communicator to contact the USS Fabulous. Set phasers on stunning!"

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

What do I know?

Don't listen to me about economic policy. Let's hear what the new Economics Nobelist has to say:

"'The idea that you can increase taxes and stimulate the economy is pretty damn stupid,' he said.

"Bush's campaign on Monday released a letter signed by Prescott and five other Nobel laureates critical of Kerry's proposal to roll back tax reductions for families earning $200,000 or more.

"In The Republic interview, he said such a policy would discourage people from working.

"'It's easy to get over $200,000 in income with two wage earners in a household,' Prescott said. "We want those highly educated, talented people to work."

"Prescott also gave Bush the nod on another controversial campaign issue, dismissing Kerry's claims that outsourcing of jobs is damaging the economy. . . . Prescott also backed the idea, espoused by Bush, to reform Social Security by allowing some workers to place a portion of their payroll taxes into private savings accounts."

Nod to Instapundit:

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Simply awesome

Best take to date — by far — on Marygate. Of course, it's Jonah's...

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This is ALL TOO IMPORTANT a read... I won't even tease it in the post. Please click Link:

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Roswell Democrats

What is it about liberals that causes their love affair with conspiracy theories? I mean, this is why it's so difficult to have a sane, sober, rational conversation with a lib. They, like the Michael Moores of the world, believe such absurdity as Bush working with the Taliban to build a pipeline over Afghanistan...Bush knowing about 9/11 and doing nothing to stop it...Bush conspiring with the Saudis to artificially lower gas prices in time for the election...Bush having Osama holed up, lying in wait for crunch time when Bush needs a boost in the polls...Cheney working backroom deals to get Haliburton the gig in Iraq...Bush plotting to get Osama's family out of the country under the cover of night in the days following 9/11...Bush secretly working to reinstitute the draft...Bush knowingly lying about WMDs, even knowing that, when the world found out about his lie, it would be political suicide...Bush wanting to get Saddam solely for oil, soley to avenge the assasination plot on his father, solely as an attack on Islam (or take your pick of any inane reason the Left has come up with)...John Ashcroft drooling at the prospect of blindly rounding up peoples of Middle Eastern descent to lock away with no access to food, water, light, legal representation or government-sponsored healthcare...Republicans striving stridently to steal from the poor and give to the rich...gun activists wanting AK-47s in the hands of children and party store owners...Republicans wanting to "steal" Social Security, human rights, civil rights (I mean, what would they do with them once they got them?)...conservatives actually favoring a dirty environment, dying planet and filthy air...Bush secretly wanting to impose his religion on the entire country, or world for that matter.

Now, I have no problems with Lefties being Lefties. But lately, this is all you run into...whacko kooks. Time was, you could have a pleasant disagreement with a liberal. Nowzadays, you can't get two minutes into a conversation without your Lefty counterpart spouting some of the aforementioned bilge. How did it get like this? When did rational thought give way to conspiratorial Chicken-Littleism in the left wing? Do they really believe this stuff, or do they simply like bringing these accusations to the fore so that uninformed dullards will think twice before ever supporting a Republican? How can they claim to be enlightened and intellectually honest when their platform of talking points reads like an episode guide from the X-Files?

I shudder to think where this nation is headed if this crackpot contingent of the American Left continues to dominate Democratic values and vision. Then again, maybe I won't have to.



Monday, October 18, 2004

Kerry's Foreign Policy in Action, Sixth Movement

"The commander of the UN peacekeepers in Haiti has linked a recent upsurge in violence there to comments made by the US presidential candidate, John Kerry.

"Earlier this year Mr Kerry said that as president he would have sent American troops to protect Jean-Bertrand Aristide who was ousted from power in February.

"The Brazilian UN general, Augusto Heleno, said Mr Kerry's comments had offered "hope" to Aristide supporters. Much of the recent unrest has centred on areas loyal to Mr Aristide.

"More than 50 people have died over the past fortnight."

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