Friday, November 19, 2004

Awww...too bad

This movie is now out on DVD. Poor Mike.


What I would think, if I were a liberal

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I love this photo. If you can make out the look on Bush's face, as he ganders at whoever Clinton is pointing at, his expression seems to read, "Whomever he's pointing at...I will hunt him, I will find him, I will finish him....Somebody, DOOWITT!"


Thursday, November 18, 2004

From the men on the ground

You simply must read this.

But then, what would an actual marine know, as opposed to, say, the righteously indignant Matt Lauer?


Regarding: "They can't really think that, can they?"

I've just received this e-mail from a close friend of mine:

"The neocon plan for world domination is coming to fruition. Everything is going according to plan."

I've come to the conclusion that, yes, they really do believe their own nonsense. It has become apparent to me that the left is nothing but a clearinghouse for the latest conspiracy theory to come along, propogated by the Michael Moores and George Sore-Asses of the world. They are so blinded by sensationalism, conspiracy and Bush hatred that they have rendered their own party -- and, indeed, diatribes -- impotent. And, since they insist on lending credence to, believing and repeating such conspiratorial, non-sensical bile, one can only resort to ignoring them. It is no longer feasible to carry on a sane, rational conversation with today's left, so we're left with nothing but to laugh and dismiss.

I submit as evidence all this talk about secession and emigrating to Canada. Again, nonsense. But let's look at it rationally. Why not move to Canada? What's not to like? "Free" universal healthcare, high taxes, alliances with France and the other surrender monkeys of the world, no military, no war, homosexual marriage, slacker-embracing welfare policy, government-sponsored public services for as far as the eye can see...Everything the left wants in a country is waiting for them only a scant few miles to the north. They are ostensibly fighting tooth and nail to get America to be the utopia that Canada is now. What are they waiting for? What's wrong with actually moving to Canada and getting everything they want in one fell swoop? Wouldn't that be easier (on us all)?

Of course, we know that none of them will actually move. So I'd like to know why.

They don't like the low median income up there? They don't like the disproportionately high cost of living? They don't like surrendering 45% of their paychecks to the federal government? They don't like the sluggish economy, weak dollar and crippling energy costs? They don't like making nanna wait 9 months for a hip replacement?

Hmmm....maybe America's not so bad after all.

When push comes to shove, they will all stay here because they know America offers them the best opportunity for wealth, career advancement, healthcare, property ownership and prosperity. So, in essence, they're hypocrites. (I know, shock!) They pretend to hate America and love/espouse the very politics that Canada can offer them, but they remain in the States to profit from, live off of, and benefit from the policies that make America the best country and government on the planet. Interesting.

So, I guess I'm back to, "They can't really think that, can they?"



Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Dead lines

Is this from the sports page, or news of some domestic abuse incident?:

"Sam Houston beats Rice"

OK, I'm done.


Re: ????

What if Powell came back?

"Colin expels Rice"


Tuesday, November 16, 2004


"Gritty Rice Impacted Colin's Void?"



Best of the Web

Evidently "Best Back and Forth" wasn't a category this year ...


RE: Hidden message

"Bush sucks the marrow out of your bones and squishes puppies?"


Headlines III

Hidden message headline: When it is revealed what holiday gift Rice is giving the Bush family...

"Condi sending Bushes a lyre"
(Can you decode the hidden message, Finster?)

Almost an anagram headline: When she summers in San Francisco and sublets Jerry Rice's old home....

"Condoleeza Rice leases Rice's condo"

When Condi marries John Gibbons (whoever that is), does she become Condoleeza Gibbons?


RE: Headlines

Ya know, this just the sort of thing that is gonna get us one of those "Best of the Web" awards!


Even More Headlines?

What if Condi jilts the famed 007 producer?

"Steamed Broccoli Over Rice"


More headlines

Wow. Rice peel off. That's gonna be hard to beat, but here we go ... off the top of my head:

If she left the "Monsters of 80's Arena Rock" concert early in a huff ...

"Updates: As Condi Shuns Warrant"

If she were asked to lend her voice to a documentary about English topographical features ...

"Rice on Wight"

If she attended a forum with Ben Vereen and Ben Johnson ...

"Black Bens and Rice"

And now back to the studio.


Headlines II

If Condi gets caught speeding away from the scene of a crime:

"Questions surround Rice peel off"

OK, your turn.



If Condi gets mixed up in the Halliburton ruff-ruff:

"Rice a croney?"

Back to you, wise guy.


Rice checks in!

What, you'd have preferred "Condi meant business?"

Anyway, awesome news about Condoleeza Rice! Lileks nails it with this:

I want her to go to Saudi Arabia, and I want her first words upon getting off the plane to be “I’ll drive.”


And Pundy has a good collection of thoughts (scroll down) and theorizes:

"I wonder if she's being groomed for a Presidential or Vice-Presidential slot in 2008?"

Hmmm ... Go Team!


Monday, November 15, 2004

UNSCAM, Saddam almost rhyme

This is why I had to laugh every time I heard Kerry talking about rebuilding alliances. They're all crooks...up there in that UN thingy!