Thursday, December 30, 2004

I say again...

Worst president ever!


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Since it's slow...

The 16 and 1/2 most oft-heard utterances at New Year’s Eve parties:

1.) How was your Christmas? (ugh)

2.) Any of these chicks single?

3.) See ya next year! (guffaw guffaw guffaw!)

4.) You been fitted for that Y2K yet?

5.) If I absolutely HAD to…ya know, in a pinch…where would I puke?

6.) That dude making out with his friend’s wife: he’s not driving, is he?

7.) Ya know that expression, “sticking out like a turd in a punch bowl?” Well, you might wanna come have a look at this.

8.) How ya fixed for plungers?

9.) So, I’m thinking of telling my Rabbi it’s over.

10.) Next year’s gonna finally be the year that I find my pencil.

11.) That chick with the gum in her hair: she drive here?

12.) Needless to say, that was the last time I mixed booze, Thai food and midget wrestling.

13.) Stock tips? I lost my shirt in that buggy whip fallout!

14.) Hey, pal…that’s an ottoman, not a urinal.

15.) Hey, hon….stop licking that ottoman.

16.) It’s like I always say, there's more spinach in the world than there isn’t lettuce.

16 1/2.) If that germbo isma beernuts, gwana needa bitty jellnish ishba nedder!


Military poll

Hey, guess who supports the war, approves of Bush's prosecution of the war, and blames the lack of armor on Congress -- not Rummy?

The answer may surprise you.


Oh yeah, THAT America

I'm reminded once again why the whole world hates America.

Once again, Captain America to the rescue.

Will the world thank us? That sound you don't hear is me not holding my breath.

UPDATE: Apparently, leading the way monetarily and logistically is still not enough for the U.N. Glad I didn't waste my breath, er...holding my breath.