Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Kids say the darndest things

Especially free ones:

"This is a very delighted moment for me. And thank God," said Abu Muslim Al-Haydar, who fled Najaf 1991, after joining a Shiite uprising against Saddam Hussein. "Iraqis have been waiting for this."

"This is the bullet that goes directly toward terrorists and terrorism," al-Haydar said, brandishing the voting card he had just received, emotions swelling in his throat. "And we want this world to live in peace and in freedom, and Iraq is the first state toward this process. All people in the world should come by us and help the Iraqi people get free of those terrorists."

Many said that they wanted to stress that the United States is primarily responsible for what is now a different and hopeful life in their homeland."For us, right now, this is like a new birthday," said Ali Alhachem of Dearborn. "And we say thank you very much for the USA people, thank you very much for the USA government, thank you very much President Bush.

"Everyone, all over Iraq, we know the American people have helped them very, very much and we appreciate it."

"You know, we've been waiting for a lot of years, like 35 years, since the last election like this," Albrhai said. "And we're very happy to try to make a new president for Iraq, and we say thank you to the American people and President George Bush because they helped us. And in Iraq, they helped make Saddam gone."

"It is a remarkable day," Al-Zaidi said. "It is considered, for me, a historical day. Voting for Iraq and for the people of Iraq is a big deal."

Who are these out-of-touch dreamers?

Find out here.



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